Nautilus International is a world leader in the design and manufacture of fully Autonomous Guidance Systems for mining and other custom applications. These AGS systems automatically include, Auto-Pilot and Teleremote Control.

For the last 23 of our 43 years in business we have used our indoor mine and Lucy our 1/5th scale LHD to develop, improve and gradually eliminate all unnecessary equipment.  As you can see in the photo’ above, there’s almost no equipment left and there’s nothing behind the desk

This is the way all AGS systems should be:  easy to understand, easy to operate, extremely rugged, submersible and inexpensive. Nautilus International provides terrific quality, bullet-proof Wi-Fi and a minimum of equipment therefore an extremely fast installation.

The VTX4 which is installed on the machine and generates our dual Wi-Fi video stream is small, rugged and submersible.

The TC5 radio remote control that the operator is using in the photo’ above is small, rugged and submersible.

Each video camera is only  46mm x 46mm x 38mm which is very small, rugged and submersible

The  digital Amplifiers in the u/g tunnels are small, blast resistant and submersible.

And our Machine Unit will soon be small, rugged and submersible.

 the customer needs from Nautilus is a TC5 and two usb sticks so the installation takes about 10 seconds.

the customer needs from Nautilus is a TC5, an E-Stop Box and two usb sticks as shown in the photo’ above.

Our customers save a lot of money by purchasing the desk, chair, TV, keyboard, mouse and mini PC from their local stores.

Nautilus systems are designed and manufactured in Canada and used throughout the world. For 43 years we have been providing rugged and reliable equipment for many different applications including surface and underground mining.

Our efficient, friendly and experienced staff bring together the strengths of the Nautilus group of companies into a superb blending of technologies. Our commitment does not end with the sale of a system, our experienced engineers are available to help you with the installation, commissioning and on-site training.

Whatever your application may be, Nautilus International will provide Radio Controls, Teleremote Controls, Automated Guidance Systems and Proximity Safety Systems which are specifically designed to meet your needs and help you to increase safety and productivity.

In 2005, BHP and Mitsubishi  (BMA)  Australia’s largest coal miner and exporter and the world’s largest supplier of seaborne coking coal awarded this prestigious Safety Award to Nautilus International for it’s Proximity Detection System.


BMA Safety Award

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