Our latest fully digital autonomous guidance system was fitted on the new, super-low profile loader being developed by GHH. The system features IP video cameras providing full HD resolution and uses Wi-Fi and Ethernet as video transmission medium. The machine is controlled by CAN bus.

The Blockholer machine typically has a lot more functions to control than a regular LHD. Yet, our small and rugged (IP68) TC5 remote controller was successfully used to control up to 48 different functions on the machine.

This line-of-sight system operates a coal continuous miner machine.
The MSHA-approved intrinsically-safe TC3 controller offers 20+ hours of operation on a battery charge. Its safety features include tilt/drop sensor, dead man buttons and sophisticated but simple to use software. The machine-end receiver provides CAN bus connection to the machine controller.

This line-of-sight radio remote control system used a standard, rugged 8” Android tablet as its video display. Using video feedback allowed the operator to be farther away from the machine and have the better situational awareness at the same time. Additionally, the proximity detection system enhanced the operator’s safety.

The system operated up to five rock breakers simultaneously. Due to their fixed locations, the machines were controlled by Ethernet as opposed to the normally used radio control. All five rock breakers were operated from a single control room located above ground where the standard TC5 remote controllers were wirelessly connected to their respective PCs.

AGS system with control chair, operated from an above-ground control center. The system used DOCSIS standard to deliver control and video signals between the control center and various operation areas underground. Analog FM video and digital packet radio control systems utilizing the same coax cable were used in the operation areas. The mine featured complex loader travel routes thus benefitting from the autonomous operation.

Our AGS package was used to control the Sandvik LH517 high capacity loader from an above-ground control room. The system operated in Pilot (driver-assist) mode improving productivity and reducing driver’s fatigue and errors.