Star Splitter



Dimensions: 124mm x 80mm x 60mm (4.88″x 3.15″ x 2.36″)

For mines with a much larger teleremote tramming area, the Star-Splitter is a great solution as shown in this photograph. The ‘Star’ is small unit that can be added to any Nautilus Teleremote system and will quadruple the tramming area. Instead of a single coax cable with a maximum of six Super-Amps, the ‘Star’ provides four coax cables with each one having up to six amplifiers, a maximum of 24 Super-Amps covering approximately 2,800m of tunnels. To keep the ‘Star’ drawing shown below fairly simple, only four Super-Amps have been shown on Cable-D instead of the maximum of six Amps per cable.

Surprisingly, the single 12v battery that powers all of the Toyota equipment will also power the Star-Splitter and the Super-Amps in the tunnels. The five Star cables are short-circuit protected. If a short does occur, a warning message will be shown on the operator’s TV.


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