Power Bar PB1


The TCM-1G and the two TV’s are usually located inside a Toyota Land Cruiser or a more formal Control-Cabin.

Since the Toyota only has a 12v car battery the TCM and the two TV’s must operate from this 12vdc source. This is a very useful feature in applications where no 110ac or 220vac is available.

To make sure that high voltage ac will not be accidentally connected to the 12v TCM and TV’s they are fed by a Power-Bar PB1 which only uses Fischer connectors. This ensures that the TCM and TV’s will receive the correct voltage and the installation will be safe. A 15 amp fuse is installed in PB1. This is easily replaceable in a few seconds no tools are required.

When the low voltage power (15vdc) is reaching PB1 it’s green LED will be on. PB1 receives it’s 15vdc from the Nautilus DC-DC Converter (CONV-1) when the red Rocker-Switch is switched-on.



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