NAUTILUS AGS – LHD Submersible Cameras


Camera Dimensions:
Camera: 47mm x 47mm x 40mm (1.85″ x 1.85″ x 1.57″);
Magnetic base: 52mm diameter x 8mm thick (2″ diameter x 0.32″ thick)

The operator will have fingertip control of the six cameras installed on the loader. Two cameras at the front are used when the loader is tramming forward, the front-side camera is offset to the left side so the camera view is not blocked as the boom is raised.  The third front camera is a spare. Camera four is used for tramming in reverse and the fifth and sixth cameras can be used for whatever the customer needs. Lenses with a 53° viewing angle are used for all cameras.

An underwater connector with gold plated pins ensures that corrosion will not a problem and the camera is completely water resistant. The cameras have excellent resolution and function very well in poor lighting conditions. Nautilus provides colour cameras which meet IP68 standards (submersible) and produce excellent pictures.

A powerful magnet is bolted to the base of the camera so it can be instantly attached to almost any part of the loader. The mounting bracket is made from stainless steel for maximum strength and to ensure there won’t be a problem with corrosion. The small size of these tiny, rugged cameras makes them easy to install anywhere on the loader. If preferred the magnets can be removed and the camera brackets bolted  to the loader.




– Rugged
– Operates on 12V
– Water-Proof
– Low-light operation
– Excellent colour picture


• Dimensions:
Camera: 47mm x 47mm x 40mm (1.85″ x 1.85″ x 1.57″);
Magnetic base: 52mm diameter x 8mm thick (2″ diameter x 0.32″ thick)

• Image device: Hi Resolution 1/3″ Sony EXview CCD

• Effective pixels: NTSC: 768(H)x494(V); PAL: 752(H)x582(V)

• Scanning system: NTSC: 525 lines; 60fps, PAL: 625 lines; 50fps

• Resolution: NTSC: 480TVL; PAL: 520TVL

• Viewing angle: 53°

• Illumination Sensitivity @F:2.0: D:0.5Lx; N:/0.05Lx)

• Power supply: DC12V 130mA

• Operating temperature: -10°C~+50°C

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