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Fibre Optic Tx-Rx


Fibre Optic Video Receiver
Dimensions: 176mm x 200mm x 30mm
(6.93″x 7.87″ x 1.18″)


Fibre Optic Video Transmitter
Dimensions: 176mm x 200mm x 30mm
(6.93″x 7.87″ x 1.18″)


Dominion Diamond’s Ekati Mine in the North West Territories is a large block caving mine which has 10 Nautilus AGS ready systems installed throughout the mine. The first of the eight full AGS systems will be installed and commissioned on May 07, 2014. There are five Control Rooms each of which uses a Nautilus Fibre Optic extended range system.

A single mode fibre optic cable connects each Control Room to the Nautilus Super Amps which are located in the remote vehicle’s tramming area. The Nautilus Fibre-Optic Transmitter and Receiver modules allow each Control Room be up to 30 Km away from it’s loader.

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