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The LG2 has a very powerful micro and an excellent graphic display so it can be used to remotely control any type of vehicle. The LG2 Crane System can provide On/Off AC or Variable Speed Drive outputs for each motion: 0-5vdc or 0-10vdc outputs.

Every LG2 has a built-in TILT detector which will automatically shut down the Crane or vehicle if the LG2 is dropped or tilted. However, provided the user keeps a finger on one of the touch pads on the side of the LG2 the Tilt Detector will be disabled.

The LG2 sits on a Charger which can be connected to a 100vac – 260vac 50/60Hz power source. The Charger is also a Docking Station which has a USB connector at the back so it can communicate with a PC or Lap-Top.

The LG2 is light, extremely rugged, fits comfortably into either hand and fits easily into a shirt pocket when it’s not needed. The Crane can be kept operating (using one hand) leaving the operator’s other hand free to control the load on the hook.

There are three ‘STOP’ keypad buttons on the front of the LG2 which are used to individually stop each motion.

The operator has full control of his Crane. He can stop each motion smoothly and gradually or immediately. For example:

If the Bridge is moving North at 95% of maximum speed and the operator lowers the hand that is holding his LG2 then the Crane will automatically start slowing down (for example) to 68% of maximum speed.
If he raises his hand again then the Crane will continue moving at 68%.
If he lower his hand again then the Bridge speed will slow down again (for example) to 37%.
If he raises his hand again then the Crane will continue moving at 37%
When he’s ready to stop the Bridge then all he has to do is take his finger off the Touch pad on the side of the LG2. This method lets the operator keep his eyes on the Crane and the surrounding area instead of looking down at his LG2. This is just one way that the operator can safely and smoothly control a crane which has a very large or difficult load.




Main Specifications

  • Weight 250 grams 0.55 Lbs
  • Dimensions 142 x 78 x 22.5mm (5.6” x 3” x 0.88”)
  • Operating Time 21 hours continuously
  • Operating Range About 300 metres (1,000 feet)
  • Radio Transmitter 10mW – approved in the USA and Canada


Main Features

Little Genius Hand-Held Unit (HHU)

  • Weatherproof
  • Extremely rugged
  • Made for heavy gloves
  • No radio license is required
  • Large emergency ‘Stop’ button
  • Simple, quick and inexpensive to service
  • Multi-speed ac contactors or Variable Speed Drives


Information Display (INFO)

If the user touches the ‘INFO’ button, the top line of the display will show the Serial # of the HHU and the bottom line will show the battery voltage. After 2 seconds the display will change to show the customer’s name on the top line and the crane manufacturer on the bottom line. This will be followed by the Radio Control frequency and Identification Code. Next will be the HHU’s product name which is ‘Little Genius Crane Control’ followed by the software version used eg. ‘GA704-0A’ and the date it was made. This data will continue to be displayed until the user touches the ‘INFO button again to cancel


HHU can fit into a small shirt pocket

HHU can fit into a small shirt pocket


You can see from the photograph that the Little Genius HHU can fit into a very small shirt pocket, making it very convenient to carry around when it isn’t being used.



1. Pull up the emergency ‘STOP’ button to apply the Battery Power;
2. Tilt the Unit to test the internal Tilt Detector;
3. Touch and hold the safety button;
4. Select Hoist(s) and Trolley(s);
5. Activate the motion buttons.




The ‘MAX SPEED’ button allows an operator to inform the Hand-Held Unit (HHU) that he wants the next motion he selects to smoothly increase from zero towards the maximum speed. So if he momentarily presses (touches) the ‘E’ button (Bridge East) the Bridge will smoothly increase from zero up to the maximum (5th speed) in about 5 seconds.

At any time the operator could touch the ‘opposite’ button ‘W’ (Bridge West) to stop the speed from increasing any more and hold the Bridge at any desired speed between 1st and 5th.


Operating time: 21 hours
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 3.1″ x 0.9″
Weight 0.55 lbs

The same principle applies to an HHU which is controlling a Variable Speed Drive Bridge instead of one with AC Contactors. In this case the speed would increase from 0% (East) up to 100% (East) until the user touches the ‘W’ button. To give fine control, it will also take about 5 seconds to increase from 0 to 100%.

The next feature is very useful because the user doesn’t even need to touch a single button to smoothly slow down or stop all motions. If the operator is holding the HHU and he tilts the unit too far or lowers his arm, the ‘Tilt’ detector inside the HHU will automatically slow down and stop any motions that are moving. The time it takes for the motions to slow down and stop are fully adjustable.

If the operator raises his hand back to the proper operating position at at any time, the motion(s) will not keep slowing down and will remain at their existing speed.


In spite of it’s small size, the ‘Little Genius’ HHU is very powerful, providing full Variable Speed Drive control from 0% to 100% in 1% increments. The DC drive voltages can be either: 0 to +5V, 0 to +10V.


This HHU can also operate cranes with AC contactors instead of Variable Speed Drives. Cranes with a Bridge, up to 3 Trolleys and 3 Hoists with each motion having from 1 to 5 speeds are not a problem for the ‘Little Genius’


The display on the hand-held unit shows the user which functions have been selected. It also warns him when the battery is low.


Because the Little Genius uses a Lithium-Ion battery, there aren’t any bad “memory effects”, and you can recharge the unit any time it is convenient. Chargers are available for many different countries. To recharge the HHU first plug the Charging Unit into a suitable AC wall socket and note that the red “POWER ON” indicator is illuminated. Plug the Charger cable connector into the bottom of the HHU as shown in the picture. Lift up the red STOP button at the top of the HHU and note that the display shows the appropriate “CHARGING…” message.

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