LITTLE GENIUS – Radio Remote Control System for Cranes and …

The Nautilus Little Genius radio remote crane control system can operate cranes which have Contactors and/or Variable Speed Drives, e.g. Variable Speed Drive with 0 to +5V or 0 to +10V controls. Multi-speed Contactors with 110VAC control coils. Bridge, Trolleys & Hoists with 1 to 5 speeds. Cranes with 1 Bridge and up to 3 Trolleys and 3 Hoists.


Little Genius Radio Control                                                     Crane Receiver Unit



● Overhead cranes
● Construction cranes
● Truck mounted cranes
● Concrete pumping trucks
● Commercial door openers
● U/G and surface locomotives

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To see the LG2 in 3D mode please click on the following link: The LG2 has a very powerful micro and an excellent graphic display so it can be used to remotely control any type of vehicle. The LG2 Crane System can provide On/Off AC or Variable Speed Drive outputs for each motion: 0-5vdc or …

LITTLE GENIUS – Crane Receiver Unit (Radio Remote Control)

Crane Receiver Unit The Crane Receiver Unit is radio controlled by the LG2 and has many fine features but the most important is its flexibility. This standard Receiver Unit can control 99% of all cranes ever made. For example: cranes which have AC contactors and the following motions: a Bridge with up to 3 Trolleys …