NAUTILUS TC5 BUDDY – Radio Remote Control System with Operator Detection Feature

This proximity detection system is used to train a radio control operator to stay a safe distance away from his remotely controlled LHD. The operator should be detected by the Buddy System even when he is kneeling, lying down or facing away from the LHD. If required, the proximity system is capable of detecting the operator in every location around and even underneath the vehicle but customers usually only require the operator to be detected when he is at the rear or close to the side of the loader. The system will warn the operator if the LHD gets too close to him and then shut down the LHD before it gets dangerously close. The “warning” and “shutdown” distances can be adjusted by an authorized safety person in just a few seconds. No tools are required to do this and the user does not need to touch the loader or even get close to it.

The Nautilus TC5 Buddy functions in a very similar way to the regular 140SSF except that extra equipment has been included to measure the distance between the radio control operator and his remotely controlled LHD. The extra electronics have been carefully distributed so that no extra boxes are needed on the LHD and the operator doesn’t have to carry anything extra.

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