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NAUTILUS HAULTRUCK-BUDDY – Pedestrian Detection Device


The Pedestrian Detection Device (PDD) calculates the distance between the front and rear MF4 Antennas mounted on the Haultruck and the PDD carried by a pedestrian or located on a small vehicle. The PDD is small, light and either carried on the pedestrian’s belt or installed on the small vehicle.


Dimensions: 66mm x 55mm x 16mm (2.6″ x 2.2″ x 0.6″) (excluding the mounting clip)
Weight: 0.06kg 0.13 lbs

The PDD carried by the miner is very small, weighs only 0.13lb (0.06kg). The electronic circuit board inside the PDD measures the strength of the magnetic field generated by the MF6 Antennas and sends this information to the approaching vehicle. The PDD’s built-in radio transceiver sends the calculated data to the Buddy Unit on the vehicle. It’s the Buddy Unit that uses the data to decide when it’s time to generate a warning and then (if required) to shut down the vehicle.





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