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The Buddy MF6 Magnetic Field Antenna has been designed to generate a magnetic field in the shape of a sphere or an ellipse around the antenna. The Operator’s Unit detects and measures the strength of this field.

The Operator’s Unit has 3 field strength detectors built into it. Each one detects the magnetic field in a different plane (x, y, and z). This ensures that regardless of the attitude of the operator, the operator’s unit will detect the field and measure it as accurately as possible whether the operator is standing, kneeling or lying down. Also, the operator will be detected even if the vehicle is extremely large and it’s bulk prevents a direct line of sight between the MF6 Antennas and the operator’s unit.

Even for complex and long distance applications such as underground Continuous Coal Miners, two tiny MF6 Antennas are able to generate a magnetic field around even the biggest vehicle.





Note that Nautilus has simplified the MF6 connector and cable, only two wires (simple twisted pair of wires) are needed now instead of the previous dual-coaxial cables.







30.3cm x 9.7cm x 61.8cm

11.9” x 3.9” x 24.3”

Weight: 7.9lb (3.6kg)
















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