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NAUTILUS COAL-BUDDY – Little Genius Wireless Programming Unit


The Little-Genius (LG) is a wireless device which allows people to remotely monitor the status of the Buddy Proximity System. This only requires the user to push a button on the LG unit. Supervisors who have been trained and know the ‘security access code’ can use the LG to check how well the system is operating and change the way it functions if required.

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Once the Buddy proximity system has been installed it should not be necessary to touch the machine again. It will allow anyone who has been given access to an LG (which has been unlocked by a supervisor) to remotely monitor the following:

a) The status of the wiring connections to the Proximity-Box.

b) There are two relay contacts used in series to produce ‘Machine-Enable’ and both are monitored by the LG. If a relay contact fails (short-circuit), the system will shut down and the LG will show which relay contact failed.

c) The status of the radio communications between the PDD and Proximity-Box, LG and Proximity-Box and PDD – LG.

d) It shows the magnetic field strength being radiated by each MF4 in real time plus the preset Warning and Shut-down setting.

e) It will show the Proximity Detection Device (PDD) battery voltage and number of operating hours remaining.

f) If a Buddy System cable is damaged or disconnected the LG will show which cable caused the problem

g) It checks the ‘Override’ pad on the PDD and shows when it is activated and counts down the maximum 40 second time that is allowed before it automatically warns and/or shuts down the machine.

No technical knowledge or tools are needed to obtain any of the above information using the LG. However, if a Supervisor wants to change the Warning-Zone or Red-Zone distances he will need to know the 6 digit security access code and how to use it. He will also need a different 6 digit security code to disable the system.

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