NAUTILUS TC5 BUDDY – Remote Vehicle Unit (RVU)


buddy-rvu-1The Nautilus Systems is programmed to provide a mixture of on/off outputs and proportional outputs. Several different models of receiver are available, capable of operating from 10 to 35 VDC, 30 to 120 VDC or 110 / 220 VAC.

All cards are “keyed” with a special notch to ensure that they can only be inserted in the correct position.

A thick rubber pad in the enclosure lid holds the “plug-in” circuit boards firmly in place. Individually fused output relays directly operate even the largest solenoids.


Remote vehicle unit enclosure: Meets or exceeds C.S.A and U.L. 508 Specifications; Type 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, Nema 12, Nema 13.

U.H.F. Radios: Meet or exceed the requirements of D.O.C (Canada) F.C.C. (U.S.A.) & D.O.T.(Australia).




Dimensions: 300 X 242 X 140 mm.

Weight: 3.86 Kgs.

Frequency selection: Synthesizer

Frequency range: 406 – 520 MHz.

Channel spacing: 25 kHz Frequency stability: ± 5 PPM

Selectivity: -60 dB min.

Spurious response: -65 dB min.

Intermodulation: -60 dB min.

Operating voltage: 7 – 35/30 – 120 VDC 110 VAC / 220 VAC.

Technology: HCMOS/CMOS/SMT

Temperature range: -30º C to + 60º C



● “Plug-in” design

● 32 character LCD

● Very rugged


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